The Hook-Up Hazard

Friends with benefits isn’t supposed to be forever…


Hanna Ballard thinks she will never find the big L…or experience the big O. But when her last-ditch try at a casual fling ends up in an ER-worthy disaster, life throws her biggest crush back into her path — all grown up and sexier than ever.

Cole Maclay is trying to get settled in a hometown that no longer feels like home…at least until he runs into his little sister’s best friend. The woman she’s become has him all kinds of curious and suddenly he’s making up reasons just to see her.

When Hanna confesses that her world has never been rocked, Cole can’t resist the challenge. They give it one month: she’ll help him start his new life in Austin, and he’ll prove to her that she’s not the hang-up when it comes to her hook-ups. 

But they don’t count on catching fire between the sheets — or catching feelings outside the bedroom.

Coming November 2021!

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